The difference

Lena Services Consulting has as its main Clients service companies, which they work with pharmaceutical companies and associations in the medical field. We offer strategic consulting, management, organizational review of the support structures and control systems (information technology, human resource, finance, management control and administration), marketing services (product innovation, identifying areas of opportunity, approach to new markets), technological and process innovation (application software and integrated marketing, sales and internal organization).

We will follow you in person
You will be entrusted to experienced staff that will assist you personally at all stages of the consultancy or process. We will not entrust your Company and your trust to the intern on duty! You will have a single coordinator and the best market experience.

Think local and act global
In the modern world unpredictable and full of uncertainties, we must have clear ideas about strategy and markets. Customers are increasingly demanding and expect services adapted to their local needs, however, centrally acting to maximize economies of scale.

International experience
Our staff has coordinated multinational companies in both pharmaceutical and services sector. We have experinced in creation and management of foreign subsidiaries as well as the acquisition of foreign and Italian companies or groups.

Knowing your customers is important, but if you know in advance their needs, will you be able to satisfy them?
Lena Services Consulting offers the possibility to know in advance what are the needs of pharmaceutical companies and to prepare products that meet that needs.

Innovation and revolution.
Innovation can be a great competitive advantage and allow you to pluck some of the mechanisms rooted in Clients or participants. Having control of technological change can lead the revolution instead of chasing after her.

In line with your budget.
We use all modern technology to save you money and be able to collect more data at the lowest possible cost.